Fraser Valley Biennale Update 2019

Lo and behold, here we are at the beginning of summer 2019.  Well the show at the Harrison Ranger Station Gallery came and went, as did the recent iteration at the O'Conner Group Gallery in Chilliwack, here is the link to that show in the past exhibitions listing for ever how long that will remain                                              active, not sure.  Currently I am showing a couple of small 30x30cm paintings at the Kariton Gallery here in Abbotsford.  These are the paintings in progress...

For the summer, not any definite plans as yet, other than to prepare for teaching grade 06 at my new school Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA).  My subjects are Art, Math, Socials & Digital Media Arts (DMA).  My principal has given my a workbook to read through on classroom management.  I don't know about you, but this seems to me to be a very interesting way to make a first impression, what do you make of it?
I also plan to use up the last three sheets of my Aerochrome (colour infrared) 4x5 sheet film.  I've had little success with this film, and only wish I had more to work with, but in 120 format this time as the gouged out pricing makes it quite overly expensive to purchase.
This year I also want to apply timed exposure (Tv) imaging with regular lens cameras.  Usually, I use long exposures only with pinhole cameras, but with my new neutral density (ND) filters, I hope to get some interesting results, but a lot sharper than with pinhole.
I also got a recessed lens board for my Nikkor SW-75mm lens and hope to see if this makes much of a difference to the movements with my Toyo 45 A II camera.
And finally, I also got some ILFORD Delta 400, which I am looking forward to use and process.


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