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Early Venture into Photography

One of my earliest ventures into photography started at the beginning of junior high school - grade seven (Sep., '78).  I used the school's camera (Ricoh 500 G) until I finally was able to borrow the money from the caisse populairein 1981, to purchase my very own Canon AE-1 Program - my options were very limited at the Shoppers Drug Mart in the Wheatland Mall - Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  But I digress, early in grade eight, a classmate (Alan) and I decided to do a star trail time exposure for a science project.  So, one evening we visited the teacher's home where he had the little Ricoh with a piece of tape to hold the shutter open.  We set up the camera in his front yard propped up on something so it would face straight up and not move.  After making two exposures, one 10 minute and one 15 minute we were ready for stage II.  Next, when back at school we had to process the film and make gelatin-silver prints to paste in with our reports on the experience.  I think we go…

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