Pinhole Photography

Recently I ordered a 4-5 pinhole camera with a few accessories.
I have enjoyed being more formally re-introduced to this form of capturing photographic images.
You see I made my very first pinhole camera for illustration purposes back in high school. As I recollect, it was a shoe box with a piece of waxed paper opposite the end with a pinhole.
Many years later in a country far away, I converted a Mamiya film box into a pinhole camera whereby I actually exposed a piece of 35mm film and got an image.
Just this month, I have been enjoying my new pinhole 45 and learning a bit more about this form of photography.
Have exposed and processed several sheets of B & W film and will hopfully be posting images here soon.
I really like the simplicity of this form of image making, especially in light of the continual technological changes that seem to leap at us faster and faster as time goes on. It is amazing at how fast film photography is/has been pushed aside in favour of virtually a small computer with a lens affixed to one end.
With pinhole photography - like 4x5 large format photography - one is forced to contemplate the image making process from start to finish with several crucial steps. The challenge is invigourating, exciting and fun.


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