Pinholing Today-2

Heavy overcast - got rained on a bit walking to the College this morning.
Thinking about the fire hydrant assignment I saw on a forum, I decided to bring the Zero 45 to school with me and capture a few images.
I referred to the Black Cat Exposure Guide I recently purchased and haven't been too impressed with.
Anyway here are some of the details.
Scene setting "D" - cloudy
Film: HP5+ Ilford @ ISO 400
Set pinhole to 25mm setting but used a focal length of 50mm (camera plus one of the 25mm extensions).
According to the Zero Image guide a pinhole setting should be calcuated at f/138 for 25mm and f/176 for 50mm.
I based my calculation of the f/179 setting of the Black Cat guide and made the exposure for about 1/2 second.
Thus, made my exposure of a typical red fire hydrant lined up behind a tall tree with rocks in the foreground. I was photographing from a lower elevation to the hydrant.
Next, I found a built in hydrant system next to the South entrance of the college. It is silver coloured and thus shows some reflections. Exp. for about 1/2 second.
Next two images.
This time I reset the pinhole to 50mm f/176 and photographed the silver hydrant @ ~1/2 sec.
Second image from this holder was a college image looking down from a grassy knoll @ ~1/2 sec.
Stay tuned for the images.

6 July 2007

Well, it appears that the images came out okay however, I still haven't got the field of view thing quite figured out.

The exposures of the built in fire hydrant on the school seemed under-exposed, so under those lighting conditions I should expose for another second at least.


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