Pinholing today

Went out this afternoon to a place that is becoming somewhat of a regular spot to visit: Mark Creek - Marysville.
I really enjoy getting out of the city and getting into nature with my camera gear - it is so refreshing.
Difficult lighting situation - a mixture of clouds and sometimes sunshine, so I was grateful to be carrying my Sekonic L-608 light metre.
Swift flowing creek which I thought would make some great shots with the wooden bridge and then of the creek and the concrete bridge. Also found a beautiful view of cascading water further up the trail on the way to the Marysville Falls.
After making eight exposures with my Zero 45 set at 75mm f/216 and shooting a roll of 35mm 36 exposure Kodak HIE with a Pentax MX and a 17mm wide-angle lens on loan from a friend; I headed out to process six of the eight sheets of film I had exposed at my friend's home.
Development time was about seven minutes as the chem/water temp. is a little better than
20 C. Negatives looked good save for the fast flowing creek water - judging from the wet negatives, the water looks too hot!
Anyway, hope to make some scans soon and post the results.
I find it somewhat amazing the different elements that can be found at one location time after time.


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