Back to Lumberton: Rollei Infrared Film Test

The area is high country primarily coniferous forest with meltwater streams from high elevation snow and ice. Nevertheless, it does have some deciduous species and other plants. Large tracts of land show the signs of the area's lumbering industry.
The swift flowing streams are what really interest me.
Today Ian took me to the same area as last week however, we went along a few different routes. This area is his primary hunting local so he knows it quite well.
I was working only with the Nikon FM3A today and a test roll of Rollei IR film.
The recommended ISO for infrared work is 25 or straight 400 without IR filtration.
I exposed at 25 with a Cokin 007 (89B) filter.
Lens: Nikkor 28-105mm zoom
Manfrotto 055 tripod with the 410 head.
Bright sunny day - very hot. But we got up there between 6:30 -7am if I'm not mistaken and were heading out by about 10:30 - 11:00am or so.

Set One
Lumberton Slash with sihlouette mtn peaks in bkgr. - early morning
@f/22 1/15, 1/4, 1s, and final exposure at 4s

Set Two
Road w/ vegetation on sides and grass in middle
First 4 with only the UV filter on.
W/ 007 -> f/16 @ 1s, 1/2, 4s, 8s

Set Three
Stump & Stream - large bolders for creek bank
Metre reading: 1/8 @ 1s with just UV filter
W/007 -> f/16 @ 8s, 4s, 1s, 1/2s, 12s

Set Four
Into the sun looking down the creek with current & stump
f/16 @ 10s, 5s

Set Five
Log across Moyie creek & bushes
f/16 @ 1s, 10s, 8s, 5s

Set Six
Bubbling brook w/ green bushes on left bank
f/16 @ 10s, 8s, 4s, 1s, 1/2s, 2s, 1/4s

Set Seven
Moyie Creek w/ bolder banks & log across creek
Metre: f/16 @ 1/4
W/ 007 -> f/16 @ 1s, 4s, 8s, 12s

Set Eight
Moyie Creek looking upstream with bushes on left bank
Metre: f/22 @ 1/2
W/007 -> f/22 @ 1s, 4s, 8s, END OF ROLL

Hope to get the film processed ASAP and report on the results.

Well, this evening went out to Dave's and processed two rolls of 135, i.e., HIE and Rollei IR
Both came out well.
Developed HC-110B for 3 minutes 26 degrees celcius
I used the time given in the Kodak data guide (1980) for
Panatomic - X.
Also processed 12 sheets of 4x5, 6 - HP5+ & 6 - Acros 100
HP5+ sheets a little dark, but not bad - Cowley Ridge
Acros 100 were from the Zero 45 pinhole - Lumberton


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