Lumberton Road

This morning Ian knocked on my door to wake me up for a morning foray Southwest of Cranbrook into his prime hunting area - Lumberton. However, this day I found out that Lumberton was a nice place for more than just hunting, it displays beautiful scenery to make photographs of the spectacular landscape, i.e., forest and streams supplied from mountain run-off.
I took 10 sheets (4x5) of Acros 100 that I just loaded the night before and a partially finished roll of Velvia sitting in the Nikon FM3A. As it turned out - I shot all the film and easily could have used much more.
The places he took me to are definitely *TREs
The water in some places was warmer than in others, but I didn't mind getting wet to get the perspective I needed for my images.
Aside from the hungry mosquitoes, I was able to work quite well. The road system got continually worse the further in we went. We also saw some old broken down miners' cabins, but in an effort to conserve film, did not photograph the buildings.
Camera: Zero 45 @ 75mm focal length, f/216

Palmer Creek - bleached tree lying in water
Black Cat Exp. "E" setting, #1 ~5s; #2 ~10s
Bleached tree lying in water - Blk Cat Exp. "B", exp. ~1s
Lake ~3s (same lake as bleached tree)

Negro Creek - Beaver Lodge, ~ 5s; Beaver Dam, ~5s

Moyea Creek - open shade - clear sky
#1 ~5s; #2 ~ 2s

Other shots not recorded.
Very nice morning for photography open sky and shade before the sun reached us, then once the sun was high enough it seemed to change the whole ambience of the environment.

*Target Rich Environment


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