Visited a favourite spot along the St. Mary's Road this afternoon.
Weather was quite warm ~31 Celcius according to my computer/weather network.
Partly cloudy w/ lots of blue sky.
Was working with the Zero 69 pinhole camera and Rollei IR 120 film.
As soon as I opened the back door on the Pathfinder (Nissan), I realised that I had forgotten to bring the IR filter (Cokin 007).
Oh well, at least I could still make some straight B&W images and I did. A few of an old shack with glass broken in one of the panes of the single window -some tyres leaning against the building.
Next ... on to Mark Creek in Marysville.
I was surprised at the number of people today and that the creek had dropped considerably revealling a lot of the sculpted and smoothed rock surface. The drops in the creek also brought out many little cascades of water that made photographing the area very enjoyable save for the hordes of people today.
I guess this is what happens in the summer time. What a difference from May and June when I could come out here to get away and enjoy the peace of the natural setting.
Nothing against people mind you, it was just quite a contrast to what I've been use to at the creek.
I must say, that I am very glad to have gotten some nice images on previous visits, but nevertheless, hope that today's visit will yield some prize winning images.


  1. Really love the Mark Creek (vertical) image. Lens distortion creates a "frame" for the subject & draws viewer in. IR effect makes it very ethereal. Exposure time captures the motion of the water. Well done!


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