Pinholing Today - 4 (PT4)

Bought an anamorphic camera from England and can't wait till I'm back home (Victoria, BC) and able to try it out.
Went to Cowley Ridge today with Dave. It was only about a 2.5 - 3 hour drive from Cranbrook - not as far as I expected.
We passed through a lot of old mining history of still existent settlements through the Crowsnest Pass including such places as Fernie, Sparwoood, Frank, Coleman.
It was quite interesting to watch the geography change as the valley narrowed along our route, (Highway #3 East) and then spread out as we travelled through Coleman.
It was windy and the cloud patterns were wonderful. The hugh wind turbines were an awesome sight amidst the transition landscape between the prairie and mountains, but more like the prairie.
When we got up to a photographic location, i.e., Cowley Ridge in Southern Alberta it was wonderful. I kept expecting vehicles to be coming by on the road - but nothing save one van of folks that didn't stay long.
It was windy, hot, sunny with various cloud patterns and no people - no traffic - perfect.

First I ran about firing away with Velvia 100 in my Nikon FM3A.

Next I brougth out the Zero 45 and made some exposures for the 75mm focal length - f/216
Exposures based on my Sekonic L-608 and because the lighting was so consistent - it made calculating exposures fairly straightforward.
Film: Agfa APX 100
#1 - ~1/2 s - mountains in bkgr, blk & wht turbines
#2 - ~1s - saa
#3 - ~ 1/2s - saa
#4 - ~ 2s

My intentions were to photograph the turbines with the rolling Alberta prairie mid ground and mountains in the background. In some of the images I incorporated the wild blooms of Blackeyed Susans. As well, I tried to use exposures that would blur the propellor motion - can't wait to see how the images turn out.

Finally, pulled out the Toyo 45AII for some lens photography in large format.
Used HP5+ with exposures @ f/45 with the 90mm and 1/30 & 1/15 of a second
Changed to the 150mm exposing at f/64 for between 1/30 & 1/15, might have got one image at 1/8 as some light cloud cooperated.

On the way home, we stopped at Lundbreck Falls - I made two pinhole images 75mm, and a few with the 35mm, but was disappointed with the lighting for the time of day (early afternoon) and the fact that there were people in the area which, without model releases signed - ruined the scene for me - I wasn't impressed. Need to come earlier in the year, i.e., May before hordes of tourist transcend the place.


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