Fun Fotos with Rollei IR 400

See posting from 22nd July.

Image(s) made with my Zero Image 6x9 pinhole camera at Mark Creek in Marysville, British Columbia.
The Rollei film is really nice to work with and has a nice contrast-grain structure. However, as an IR film, I have been less than totally pleased as it does not provide the same effect I have come to expect from my previous work with Maco IR820C and Kodak's HIE.

I accidently did not advance the film to the right position for the film format, i.e., advancing film for 6x4.5 rather that 6x9.
I have been quite surprised at the images I've gotten from this simple location.
I initially approached it as just a nearby familiar place to stop for a quick look at the water falls before moving on to photograph at some other place.
However, as I began to take my time and "look" around, I began to see the real photographic potential that simply existed all around me.


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