GoldStream Park - Rollei IR (120)

Just a short 20 ~ 30 minute or less drive down the Trans-Canada highway from Victoria, one comes to GoldStream Park. If one turns to the left at the appropriate sign you drive into the campsite. However, if you drive a little further down the highway, you come to a day hiking area with a picnicing area.
I was out late this morning with a friend who is an excellent photographer and a very knowledgeable guy, to see if we could find any images. Now how does one know when something from nature will strike one to capture it on film or memory card?
In other words, when looking over a location, what criteria does one use to justify making a photograph?
What is it that moves the photographer to capture certain scenes on film/memory card?
Should one set out with an agenda or travel to a location and let artistic instinct dictate the images one makes?
Perhaps rhetorical questions, nevertheless, important to consider when expressing the inner image - that which is responsible for the style and type of pictures characteristic of the indivdual photographer.
Light, accessibility, shape, shadow, colour are all factors that may come into play when someone processes the image inside before activating the shutter release of a camera.
Nevertheless, I came to this outing with an agenda: to capture the activity of the sun upon the deciduous vegetation with Rollei IR film rated at ISO 25 in my Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I wanted the wide perspective as it so impressed me when shooting infrared film with a wide angle lens at Mark Creek in Marysville, BC earlier this summer. The lens I used today was one made in the Ukraine: an Arsat 30mm with the orange filter attached. Now I realise that the Rollei film is not as infrared sensitive as the Kodak HIE ... but we will see what the results look like once the film dries and I've had a chance to scan the negatives.
I really like the handling of the Rollei film and its nice film base.
I also like the labelling on the film edge which doesn't interfere with the images and yet is clearly printed.


  1. Hi Bob! Sorry for my poor English... I use an Arsat 30 for infrared, too, but my copy don't have an infrared mark. Do you know where it could be located the mark to focus in infrared?

  2. The lens doesn't have an ir marking.
    I generally focus prior and set a deep depth of field on the lens.
    Has worked out so far :)


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