Anamorphic Pinhole Imaging

I recently began to explore the use of an anamorphic pinhole camera and here are some of my preliminary results.

As I become more adept at working this camera, I hope to try other films and expand my subject choices.

Was downtown briefly this afternoon, so took the opportunity to bring along a camera and make a few images.

I finally have been able to locate the numbers in the film counter although they are not solidly lined up in the centre of the window ... well at least know I have a better idea of where to look in order to advance the film.

This particular camera can make four images per one 120 roll of film.


  1. Can you please publish a picture of your camera?
    Thanks and good luck

  2. hello there! i'd like to build my own anamorphic pinhole camera. can you please send me some tips of building or a sketch maybe?

    would be awesome!
    thanks in advance!!!
    cheers, tamas


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