Pinhole Popularity

Today we went to the 140th Saanich Fair in Central Saanich - a beautiful farming community just up the Patricia Bay Highway from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. From Victoria (barring lots of traffic) it takes about 30 minutes by automobile.
Well, I wanted to work with my pinhole camera this year. In the past I've used lens cameras and they are okay. This year I decided to employ my Zero Image 6x9 set at 6x4.5. The camera has an f-stop of 235.
Today the sky was covered more or less in a thin layer of cloud with the sun peaking out occasionally - perfect weather for a fair - not too hot nor cool. According to my Black Cat Exposure Guide, the exposure time for this type of lighting was about 16 seconds. I used this number as my basis and added or subtracted as I thought the lighting situation dictated.
Another thing I did a little different than usual is to photograph with 120 colour print film - something I rarely ever do ... hope the results turn out and then I can share them with y'all.
So I moved about the fair making photos of various things such as the blacksmith demonstration (perhaps my favourite), the midway, and even a lady spinning wool.
But the most facinating thing was the number of looks I got from the plethora of people at the fair, most wearing digital cameras of various sorts, but I did see one lady with a Pentax K1000, good for her, hope she got some great memories. Some even inquired about my camera which I found interesting. Too bad I didn't have any literature on my cameras or pinhole forum I belong to.
It got me to thinking that perhaps next year I should set up a booth to educate, and take people through the pinhole process from building a camera to processing a finished print.
Anyone want to help ... just send money ... lots of it.


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