Darkroom notes

Tonight was the first time printing in my make-shift darkroom in 2008. Don't know how many more years I'll continue to print traditional silver prints, but I enjoy the process.
This evening printed 4x5 B&W negatives from 1st Jan. 2008 image of ocean from Macaulay Point, Esquimalt, BC - Ja108 (see posting below for scanned image).
45 & 1.15 seconds approximate exposures, grade 3 setting, Ilford paper for everything.
Also printed 4x5 negative of a steam engine blowing steam. The engine is used to run a combine for threshing grain out at the Saanich Historical Artefact Society's Threshing Days, which they had last September (2007).
The steam engine looks good at 45 & 1.15 seconds, grade 3 setting on my Beseler Dicro45 computerised diffusion enlarger.
All images were from my ZeroImage 45 pinhole camera.
Finally, one of my favourites of sorts: Mark Creek, Marysville, BC. in infrared. This image can be seen on an earlier blog posting from the spring of 2007. The image was made with 35mm HIE Kodak infrared film on a borrowed Pentax MX camera with a SMC 17mm lens mounted on it.
Anyway, despite the very cool temperature ~1C, I managed to keep 6 - 11x14 prints, which are hanging to dry.
The LOOK 2008 exhibition put on by the Greater Victoria Community Arts Council is coming up soon, so I want to have a decent print ready, just not quite sure yet which one to submit.


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