Today's Pinhole Work

Today the sun was out, so I took advantage of the ephemeral occasion just to drive down to Beacon Hill Park here in Victoria and see what I could find to photography with my ZeroImage 45 pinhole camera.
Here are a few of the images I processed after returning from the park.
As I was setting up a drake and duck came close and were feeding at the top edge of this brook, you might be able to vaguely make out the figures.
Camera set at 75mm thus, f/216
I metred with my L-608 = 30 seconds @ f/128 - ISO 100 (Acros, one of my all time favourite Black & White large format films).
Extrapolation: 60 seconds - which appears okay, but darker than the first exposure of 90 seconds, which is the one I prefer and the one you see here.

I wanted to also make an image of some tall standing gossamer like plants with some motion to them.

The exposure here was either 5 or 10 seconds.
I'll have to wait till I process the other sheet to find out.


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