Polaroid Imaging Today

My publisher/friend invited to make five images with his fixed up SX-70 Polaroid camera. What a compact neat piece of photographic technology. A neat little packaged that makes reasonable good images for its design parametres.
Anyway, we were downtown where he grabbed a few images to round out his five shots and then it was my turn.
I headed for an area I was photographically familiar with some idea of what I would try. Once I got there however, my vision totally changed - the conception I had vanished in place of other scenes I discovered. The object of my images was not new, they were there last time I visited as I recollect, but somehow this time with this camera it was different.
I had no trouble making my five images mostly around the theme of an overhanging building light. One shot included a shot I had just made, a polaroid within a polaroid.
I was mildly pleased to say the least. I had approached the challenge with little preconceived and what we came away with surprised me.
Of course, he has the images, but hopefully I'll be able to share them or some of them here with you soon.


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