Conference D2

Today, feeling better.
Weather beautiful nice cool but windy.
Sessions seem to be going well.
I really need to get some new shoes.
Oh yeah, yesterday got one of the best haircuts I can remember.
Unfortunately, the barber shocked with his attitude towards people with more melanin in their skin than he or I have. It just boggles my mind.
Met and talked with a few people from Japan yesterday as well.
Room at the * is very nice, adequate with one glaring problem: the Internet connection is very, very poor.
Today at the conference - Riviera, it is much better.
You'll see many of us with laptops sitting on the floor working away plugged into one of the covented plug-ins.


  1. Mr. PhotoBob, where's the pinhole photo of your haircut? People and watching and people want to see! Hang in there. Post a photo. Thanks for sharing...


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