Conference D3 & 4

Well yesterday was much better.
Got my replacement and a new pair of shoes.
I took the afternoon to visit a nearby mall and look into a car rental for my photo field trip.
It was nice to get away from the hotel for a little while.
Last night my supervisor and his wife treated me to a buffet dinner at Planet Hollywood and then we watched a few of the light-music and water spray shows at the Bellagio.
The theme hotels are very impressive.
Today, the keynote was quite good as it mixed a little bit of light-hearted comedy with the presention.
Some new things to think about regarding the intergration of pedagogy + Content + Technology all within a given context. - TPACK and new thing I've learned.
Well supervisor and I went over our presention for later this afternoon, but first there are a few events I'd like to check out.


  1. Sounds like you've been having an eventful trip, it's great you've been able to get away for awhile - Also that you could get some photographic opportunities in, I'll look forward to maybe seeing what you've taken down there. Have a great trip.


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