Conference Summary

Well, haven't kept a day-to-day journal. But the conference went well and ended on Friday the 8th of March, 2008.
Our presentation on Thursday afternoon went very well with time for feedback and questions from those in attendance.
It was interesting to even have some people volunteer for our study. I didn't see that in any of the other presentations.
The Riviera is a huge hotel and conference facility - a lot of walking. The food was a bit pricy, but good.
Villa Roma Inn/Motel was adequate save for the very poor Internet connectivity.
Near the Riviera, was a round building that was being demolished, it made for some interesting photo ops with my ZeroImage 69 camera.
I also walked around the vicinity of my motel and found interesting sky cranes and heavy equipment to photograph. I think there was a display of this type of equipment because there sure was a lot of it in a very confined area. Late afternoon, maybe Wednesday, as the sun was setting in the Nevada sky, the cranes and a cherry-picker with people in it, made wonderful subject matter for the pinhole camera.


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