Conference Trip D1

I along with my PhD supervisor had a paper accepted for publication and presentation at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE 2008).
It is interesting how the US is our closest neighbour, but it still feels different here.
Got in very early Tuesday morning, luggage didn't arrive and I forgot my credit card. Not a great start, had dinner around 2am with supervisor and his wife. This is an interesting city, that doesn't seem to sleep - Las Vegas.
My first morning - Tuesday on very little sleep was difficult with irritated eyes and a pounding headache. After converting some currency, I got some Tylenol, which really helped. As the day wore on, I got a little better.
From the presentations I attended, I found that what people were saying about online education/technology resonnated with what I already am doing or recognise. Not much new information, different.
Interesting how there are people from all over the world here with us Canadians making up the largest non-US country with participants.
Weather is beautiful and Tue afternoon I took out my ZeroImage 120 camera and photographed some cranes - looks like there is a heavy equipment conference or something like that going on here as well.
There are many things about this state and city that I do not approve of, and I try to look for the decent or non-offensive aspects which are reflected in my work.
I also found a shop being torn down which I photographed at night with of course lots of secondary light.


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