This morning

This morning grabbed the pinhole backpack, tripod and rode my bike out the Swan Lake to re-photograph the tractor and tree in the background. Since our church service is in the afternoon, I like to use the mornings sometimes to get out into the landscape.
This time it was earlier in the morning and quite wet.
I did not use any filter and the sky was overcast.
Same set up as before, Zero 45 - 75mm @ f/216
Film ISO 100, Metre: 2s @ 128
Extrapolated to 5 & 10 second exposures.
I then proceeded back down the pathway towards a small bridge over a small brook.
Aside the path I noticed tall patches of brown grass probably from last summer.
Anyway, since it was quite wet out and the sun was starting to peek through the clouds here and there, I began to look for compositions amidst the wide blades of grass, and to my delight noticed water droplets on several blades. After making a few images, I decided to finish off with the same subject I started.
With my last two sheets, I returned yet once again to the tractor to photograph it with the sun coming through a bit, adding some highlights and making the scene a little brighter perhaps in the darker areas. Metred for ISO 125.
Conference tomorrow, so processing will have to wait.


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