Pinhole Blender ... my first images

I recently purchased the 120 film format Pinhole Blender.
I had opportunity to use it the other day [2008-04-17th]whilst at my university.
The Sakura are very vibrant on campus so they attracted my photographic attention.
Now I pulled through a roll of HP5+ B&W before changing to Velvia 50 (E-6) transparency film.
It seemed to work fine save for some very difficult film advancing toward the end of the rolls. As I couldn't rewind the films anymore due to extreme resistance, I was forced to open the camera, where I noticed both rolls were not fully wound onto the take-up spools causing some of the film to be exposed and thus fogged as well as crinckled.
I dropped off the E-6 downtown and processed the Ilford HP5+ this afternoon and sure enough lots of fogging toward the beginning of the roll, but there are two images, one looks better than the other and represents that which you see here.
Well....what do you think?


  1. Good images for your first attempt. When winding the film try to not press down on the top of the can while doing it. There is just enough room under the lid for the film to move freely but if you press down and it depresses the large lid of the 120 (if your on a tripod it could be forcing the bottom up as well) causing the film to make contact with the under side of the lid and crinkle and tear.


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