Two Trees in Colour

Swan Lake - Victoria
Beautiful morning, overcast, soft lighting.
Toyo 45AII with Schneider 90mm lens, no filtration.
I left my light metre in my pinhole backpack so I surmised the exposure as best I could recollect under these lighting conditions and bracketed three exposures.
You want to be careful with large format slide film because it works out to a little more that $5.50/sheet to buy and process that is.
Film was Provia rated at ISO 100
Lens set at f/45
Exposures: 1/2, 1 & ~5 seconds.
I surmised based on experience between 1 & 2 seconds @ f/128. I believe the first one (1/2 second) to be the best and the one at ~5 seconds was very washed out.
Conclusion: In this instance, my estimation was correct. Of course, consistent lighting conditions are also very helpful.
It was overcast the time I was there before with my meter, so it was just a matter of recalling my index meter reading.
I have found the same to be true, i.e., consistent lighting equals consistent exposure readings.
I'd be interested to hear what you think.


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