World Pinhole Photographic Day

Hello photo fans.
Today is World Pinhole Photography Day and it also happens to correspond with my photo club's outing to Government House here in Victoria.
The grounds are very pretty, nice gardens.
The day was quite overcast and after shooting for about an hour and a half, droplets of rain signalled the end of photography at this time.
I was using my 120 Pinhole Blender (f/200) as well as my ZeroImage 4x5 at 50mm (f/176) and at 75mm (f/216).
HP5+ in 120 and Ilford ISO 125 in sheet film.
Further details to follow once I've processed the film and posted some images.
Here is a link to one of the images I made, processed and scanned today.

and here is another image, but right here on this page.
I know ... pretty boring image. Let this be an example of where one's actual view and expectation of a scene does not match the final image.
This looked like a beautiful little meadow with delicate colour amidst the bland.
However, in black & white, the beauty that I saw does not come through.


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