New Film Developer Trial - Clayton F76

This afternoon developed two rolls of 120
Pan F ISO 50 shot with my Mamiya 645 Pro TL on UVic campus
Acros 100 shot by guess-exposure with my 120 Pinhole Blender around the UVic main library.
Both films came out fine, however due to metred exposure, the Pan F film came out stellar. WOW! the negatives look incredibly sharp with nice tonality.
The other film was metred by guess, and yet it came out pretty good as well for a pinhole camera.
The Clayton F76 liquid developer is easy to use. To me, at this point, it appears comparable to Ilfotec-HC.
Dev. Temp. 20.5 degrees Celsius
Time: .... 6 minutes
Will post samples once film is dried.
Stay tuned

120 Pinhole Blender Image of renovations to the university library.

Out and about the campus with a friend just making a few architectural images of the new buildings on campus on a sunny afternoon and I happened to see this 35mm slide holder on the pebbled sidewalk. I don't know is there a message here?
Mamiya 645 Pro TL with Sekor 55mm lens


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