Garden Photography in black & white infrared

Gov't House Gardens 2008-06-02nd
Nikon FM3A loaded with Maco IR 820C film rated @ ISO 12
1L thermos of coffee, which can act as ballast for the tripod (Gitzo G 1277) from time to time and provide a nice warm drink in this wonderful morning air whilst waiting upon an image.
Not the best conditions for IR imaging - somewhat cloudy with sunny spots. Thus, a nice cup of coffee waiting for better lighting was so apropos under the circumstances.
Exposures were best at about 3 stops beyond the metre reading and probably 2 stops in full sunlight at f/22. For example if the metre suggested 1/4 of a second then an exposure of 1 or 2 seconds would be the way to expose the film with the Cokin 007 infrared filter in place.

Due to increasing cloud cover I was not able to complete the roll of film and called it a day. As I was preparing to leave a nice mature couple visiting from the Bay area of California asked for directions to Craigdarroch Castle, which is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump from here, so I offered them a ride. They were a very nice couple and grateful for the hospitality. I hope they had a wonderful stay in our city. Back to the photo field trip.

I kept notes and have them recorded on a special data sheet I've developed, which helps me understand the film - lighting characteristics.
The film was processed in Clayton F76 @ about 20 degrees Celsius for 5.5 minutes


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