Nikon D300 Trial Preliminary Thoughts

Yes ... I actually used a digital SLR this afternoon.
The Nikon D300.
A very nice camera with interchangeable lens. It is a review camera we were issued by Nikon and it came with an 18-70mm zoom, which seems adequate for this purpose.
Perhaps we'll have something on it for readers of VISIONS art & photography magazine in the near future.
Nice camera, a bit off balanced held in one hand, but pretty light and straightforward to use. However, I would not rely to heavily on the auto-focus or auto-exposure modes - they are useful, just be careful.
Nice big viewing screen and the menu options appear intuitive - I did not feel technically challenged at all by this camera, which is a good thing because it should be about composition - lighting - exposure. The C-L-E combination. I really found the front and back shutter speed/aperture dials convenient and easy to adjust.
One of the nicest features was the quietness at, which this oversized computer chip with a lens operated. However, for a digital camera I cannot understand why they can't make them function without any noise or at least equivalent to a Leica rangefinder.
But overall, these are minor things. If you are serious about photography and do more than a few weekends of using a camera per year, this may work for you, it is too much camera however, for the occasional snapshots.


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