Recent D-Images

Just some recent digital images with the new camera.
Quite nice, but the ability to conduct multiple exposures in camera would be nice along with fast-frame shooting.
Images made at Gov't House using a Nikon D60 w/ a VR 18-55mm Nikkor-Zoom.

This was an image that I visualised as I surveyed the scene. I thought of the white blossoms as bits of clouds themselves and thus the title for this image: Clouds.
One of the features I have come to appreciate through this type of photographing is the little built-in fill-flash, it may not seem like much, but that little extra help sure comes in handy sometimes.

I wanted to test the close-up capabilities of the camera and lens, and it performed adequately ... wouldn't you agree? Any other comments?

Caught this quite serendipitously as I was working the combo of purple and yellow contrasts. This beautiful insect just happened to ever-so-briefly stop by while I had camera at the ready.


  1. For sure. Interesting how the clouds and flowers appear to merge into each other


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