1st ... but not a gold medal... Pinhole Photography

Found it ... my very first foray into pinhole photography back in 1996 - January - 17th.
I was an English teacher at a jr high school in Japan and found a small darkroom upstairs in the chemistry/science supply room.
As memory serves, made the camera out of the styrofoam casing that came with a Mamiya lens.
The image is from inside the room near the little darkroom I had set up.
Never really pursued it further till May of 2007 when I purchased a ZeroImage camera and now I really enjoy this form of photographic art.
Elements 6 helped a bit here.


  1. Neat effect. And creative in making your own camera out of styrofoam casing! Keep at it.

  2. How Fun!

    I still know where my first pinhole image is as well! I almost threw that roll away, but I thought, no, I better keep it...

    It's fun to look back and see how far you've come.


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