Pinhole Presentation for Esquimalt Camera Club

Tonight was the first meeting of the new camera club year. I was asked to give a short presentation on pinhole photography.
It went well with the Ppt pres. and my colour pinhole photo gallery aside from a technical glitch when changing from one form of presenting to another. Some questions at the end I think helped clarify some things for people as the principles of this form of imaging are not totally clear to some people. It is good to get feedback and understand people's misconceptions or queries about this form of photography as it helps me to plan and present answers and illustrations to their concerns.
I also gave a plug for PINHOLE VISIONS, ZEROIMAGE, PINHOLE BLENDER with a mention of 3rd Eye as well.
I exposed one sheet of 4x5 and one blender image.

I was sandwiched between a travel photo presentation and a naturalist presentation - they both were wonderful and informative with some nice photography.

At the end of the meeting, I had a brief talk with the other member, who like myself still operates a functioning darkroom sometimes. He commented on how his photographing character was changing due to the acquisition of digital equipment. Is that we are not as careful, or meticulous when composing and making photographs?
How does digital photography change the thinking and picture taking cognition of a amateur ... professional or someone in between?
For those who have not had the distinct pleasure of real photographer, i.e., film, they may not understand. But for those of us who do, I suspect a broad spectrum of feelings on the basis of the broad spectrum of characteristics that make up each one of us.

All in all, not a bad start to our new camera club year.


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