Pinholing @ Heritage Acres

Today, went to Heritage Acres to enjoy the old time threshing, just like last year.
However, this year I did not have opportunity to catch the pressure release valve blow off steam, instead I had to settle for the steam whistle - that was okay.
Some surprises and pleasant conversation over the "retro" gear I work with, nothing out of the usual.
Met an art history prof from UVic - had a very nice little chat with him and he pointed out someone at school who has worked in pinhole imaging.
The weather was similar to last year, very overcast with a few drops of rain, but nothing to ruin the afternoon.
Photographed using both the Zero Image 4x5 and 6x9 set @ 645, and also the Pinhole Blender. It was also a chance for me to use my new Sekonic L308s for the first time.
Can't wait however, to get and try out my latest acquisition: a 3rd Eye multi-format 6x12 pinhole camera with built-in shutter release.
Photographed the steam engine and threshing machine, working model train, blacksmith shoppe and street scenes.
Shall post images as soon as I can.


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