Cafe & Snowy Pinhole Photos

Okay, here are some more images now that I've processed some more of my 120 film.
Some more from Max's which I made with the 6x9 120 camera from 3rd Eye Cameraworks set at the 645 format. Focal Length: 50mm, f/167
I usually metre with my Sekonic which unfortunately only shows readings up to f/90 and then extrapolate from there.
Inside the cafe, exposures around 15 ~ 30 seconds as best I can recollect.
I also turned the camera on myself and share the result here with readers.
Acros 100 film processed in Ilford Tech-HC, 5.5 minutes @ 21 Celsius
Other images are from the same outing as the digital images below from Beacon Hill Park but with two different 120 roll film pinhole cameras.
Film: Acros 100 & HP-5 plus


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