New Pinhole Camera

Recently acquired a multiple 120 format pinhole camera from 3rd Eye.
I had it specially built to take a cable release as this is how I work with most of my pinhole cameras.
Mike did a great job, the knobs are large and easy to use, the wood construction is not only beautiful, but sturdy as well.
I usually work at the 645 format which allows more images per roll.
I also like the little rubber knobby feet on the bottom - these are great for stability and protecting the wood itself.
50mm focal length,
0.3mm pinhole diametre
f/stop of: f/167
Max's Place, is where I often would go for coffee, snack or lunch and to read or study.


  1. great pinhole! i like that your pinhole camera has little feet on the bottom. that's a really good idea, my bottoms always get messed up because the wood touches whatever surface i place my camera on.

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