Pinhole & Digital Imaging

We've had some terrible dumps of enormous snow leaving lots of shovelling to do. On the bright side, was able to get out to Beacon Hill Park this morning to do some pinhole & digital photography. That's right ... you read it correctly, pinhole & digital photography ... nothing wrong with working both types eh?
Anyway, it seemed like one of those rare opportunities to capture the park in a rare attire of snow.
The whole idea is to capture some images and whether the light, shadow, and other information that consists of a photograph is recorded on film or digital card really doesn't matter ... as much as the final result.
Anyway, I don't want to take up too much time in text so here are a few samples from the day.


  1. Some great images and a ton of snow! woohoo.

    I have always liked photography. Even though I have taken a couple of classes (in my college years) I still consider myself an amateur photographer, but it doesn't mean I have any less fun taking pictures. Photography is such a great hobby.

    Again, nice images.



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