Photographic Philosophy

In a photographic online community I belong to, the question of photographic philosophy was put forward, here is my response.

A difficult question to answer for a couple reasons.
a) A thoughtful answer can require much careful consideration and reflection.
b) I feel that what I type here may be somewhat ephemeral ... my photographic philosophy in other words is dynamic and not static, it changes as I read, see, and communicate and interact with photography, and other things on a daily basis.
For instance,
I have a few images made from around the era of my high school days that I can reflect upon and note what has changed and what has remained the same.
Same: still love the prairies and miss them
Change: added other film formats and gear, use of digital capture. As well, I now see where a fill-flash on a sunny day would have been useful, and see where I could have perhaps acquired more images from different perspectives. One of the most important things I have also come to appreciate is the value of light to photographic imaging. And finally (but not completely), Try to fill-the-frame!
If my images stand out, if they cause someone to pause a bit longer to study the image - my work and philosophy are developing nicely.
Whatever my photographic philosophy is at any point in time, I hope it honours my Lord, Saviour and Creator, Jesus Christ and leads to wholesome responses to my photographic endeavours.


  1. Very well put. I like how your photographic philosopy is open to change, that you're always willing to move in areas you may see fit to. And... yes, may it bring glory to God!



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