Photo Critique: A Binary Algorithm

Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the true purpose of paying someone to tell you if your work is good or not, e.g., a juried exhibition.

Can anyone tell you this or that about your work other than they like it or they don't. A binary algorithm, 0 or 1 ... no?

Is the purpose of having someone critique one's work to inspire, encourage and if so, why is such a catalyst needed?


  1. There are two kinds of artists; those who produce for the market, and those who produce whatever they want to. And I guess there are others who are a bit of both. As for paying someone to critique one's work, I think constructive criticism is always a good thing, if only to give us another perspective we hadn't thought of. And it can be taken seriously or with a grain of salt!

  2. It depend on the level of critique.
    Professional - no dough you have to pay, but result will be very positive.
    All other - not worth a dime.


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