Today is World Pinhole Photography Day
Got up early and headed out with pinhole camera gear to Government House on Rockland Avenue - a ritzy part of the city. This is the same location I chose to make my WPPD images last year as well. However, I think the weather this morning is some of the best I've experienced here.
Beautiful quiet morning, sunny, occasional cloud, and an ever so light breeze. The grass and flowers drenched in dew or water made fine fotographic subjects. In the front of the house are terraced gardens that overlook the Strait of Juan de Fuca and onward to the Olympic Mountain Range in Washington, USA. A large tanker of some sort was out in the strait, but my focus was on the patterns of rock, trees, grass and flowers that make up the unique landscape for which this location is noted.
It was a very peaceful - nice and cool - morning to be out and about with pinhole gear.
I'll post some images once I get them processed. Worked solely with my ZeroImage 120 multiformat set at 645 shooting Acros 100 and Velvia 50 film.
I even had the thought of producing a video-cast of my working process. This certainly would be a good place to do such a thing.
Hope April was good to you.
Take Care


  1. The idea of making a video-cast of your work is a good one. Video might even add a new dimension to your whole practice.


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