Sunday Morning Pinhole

Cooler today - overcast and simply beautiful, just beautiful temperature
As my church does not start till the afternoon, I find early Sunday morning can be quite pleasant for photography ... sometimes.
Today's camera: Zero Image 4x5 built to 75mm, Film Tri-X 320, Neopan 100
Metre: Sekonic L608, small Gitzo tripod
With the overcast sky I was getting a reading of 2~4 seconds @ f/128 (ISO 100) from which I extrapolate further to get my exposure.
Travelled out to Ogden Point to capture image of steps-into-the-sea. Wasn't quite what I expected as the tide was pulling out. I had hoped to capture waves splashing up against the bottom step as I had earlier with a Hasselblad ... oh well.
Re-composed my vision and made images of the seaweed debris, sand and a lady collecting seaweed.
Working with a pinhole camera I knew people moving about would blur or disappear altogether.
Next moved out onto the breakwater looking for perspective and found it. However, rather than a straight photograph of converging lines, I noticed people walking and running. I set up in the middle and waited for running people to reach a certain point at which time I opened the shutter and wa-la.
Hopefully, I'll be able to process the film in the near future and critique the results.
And of course ... I invite you to share your thoughts as you peruse this blog site.


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