MOIR Park in Cranbrook

Just outside of Cranbrook, BC is a fairly new and big beautiful park with what looks like an awesome baseball diamond ... anyway, went out there to see a friend and make some images at the Mopar Classic Car Exhibition. Focusing primarily on pinhole (ZeroImage 120 format) imaging with a few shots from the Nikon FM3A. Scene metering with my Sekonic L-408.
The cars were parked on a large grass field which made kneeling down for shots pleasant :)
As well there was a beautiful background of a mountain range and the landmark - Fisher Peak.
After lunch, headed out the Marysville loaded with Kodak HIE and a red filter to work the river in infrared and of course pinhole 120. Only problem is that I am all most at the end of my 120 film.
Bad time of the year to photograph on the river however as there were a lot of people sometimes getting in the way loitering in the river. Nevertheless, I persisted with some patience and things worked out okay.


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