Wild Horse Photo Foray

Had access to a nice little car this morning, so took a drive up the Wild Horse Creek near Ft. Steele.

I found a beautiful vantage point at the Historical site. Seems like in c.1865 the area was popular for gold mining. I went down to the hydraulic pump area (name and plaque only) and must have been about 200 metres above the creek (which I think is more of a shallow swift flowing river). Anyway, I was determined to find a way down to the river from the steep embankment I stood upon. After meandering for about 20 - 30 minutes I found myself standing in the clear cold water.
I wear a special type of sandal that works well in and out of water. Got some interesting vantage points for working with my ZeroImage 6x9 [645] pinhole camera and my good ol' Nikon FM3A.
On the way home, I stopped in at Ft. Steele as the steam locomotive was awaiting passengers at the station. Got a bunch of images here too.
Overall, a nice outing and who knows ... perhaps I captured a few nice images.
Boy, I don't know if I could see
myself several years ago with a pinhole camera; I seem to treat it like a regular piece of photographic equipment these days - just as legit as a lens camera ... I've no complaints.
Glad I re-discovered it (pinhole photography).


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