On the Road to the Misty Morning

Up @ 0530hrs this morning, doesn't take me too long to get ready.
Today, heading down towards Creston and Moyie Lake to capture the morning mist in the low lying areas along the road & railway tracks. Today Ian and I had some company: one of my students who is visiting from Chile joined us. He also enjoys photographer and mentioned something to me about it, so I thought it would be nice to invite him along on the morning foray.
I was using my ZeroImage 6x9 @ the 645 setting and my Nikon FM3A with my popular lens: 28-105mm Nikkor.
Ian was using a fixed lens Fuji FinePix and Mario was using a small point-and-shoot along with a Pentax K200.
The first place we stopped turned out to be the best place - off the main road, but near the Moyie River. Well you know me, I dress for the occasion and was in that water like a dirty shirt eh. And found a nice spot near the centre of the river where I set up my tripod, and to my surprise, the sun began to push through the fog ... with the flowing river beneath and in front of me, and trees sticking out from the river bank completed the pastoral type composition ... it was great.

On the way home stopped at a neat little place in Yahk that looked like a small barn with a red caboose to one side and a bunch of nick-nacks tacked to the front of the building.
Along the high-way Ian wanted to stop for pictures of the water running off the step rock walls.
Got home by about 1030hrs and still have the whole day ahead.
It was a very nice morning.


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