Bulk Film Tin Pinhole Camera Experiments

Today, I tried out two new pinhole cameras with tin foil pinholes made with #10 and #12 needles.
Much better shape results with this material than the thicker stuff I used earlier on the TeaBox.
Images at 5 minutes on bright day with sunshine.
However, I'm still not satisfied.  Images appear too grainy and crude.
But I got images.
UVic-SUB - bicycle spokes and tyres.
#10 camera
5 minutes - sq. paper neg. - good
#12 camera
5 minutes - rounded image
Image not bad, but perhaps I could add a minute to the exposure time.

Reducing exposure seems to be a bad idea as the results are quite the opposite of what I would expect.
Perhaps this is because it is a negative and I am thinking about exposure time in the wrong direction.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I want to thank you for your course that you are just finishing at Uni 201 and I am in your class.
    I have enjoyed your manner of teaching and am excited to see how my picture will come out.
    Will see you later today.
    Thank you so much!


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