Konica T3N Pinhole Camera

I stopped by Camera Traders yesterday and Anthony kindly gave me an old camera from a box he pulled down from his stacks.
It was the body of a Konica T3N ... a camera I know very little about.

I found out that it is a very robust, heavy and  a little on the large size for a 35mm SLR.  Nevertheless, it has a working shutter, "B" setting and film advance, and ... I like it :)
Seems this version was first released in 1975.
Anyway, here is an image of it converted to a pinhole camera.
I calculated the focal length at about 49mm and used a needle #13 for a pinhole diameter of approximately 0.30mm providing an F-stop of around f/163.
Now I realise that the optimum size is 0.28mm, but I work with what I have.
I've loaded the camera with Ilford's Delta 3200 black & white film, so stay tuned for images.


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