New Year's Day Photography

Terrible weather - wet and raining.  Not ideal for taking out pinhole camera gear to capture images.
Today I drove out along Prospect Road and ended at Francis King Park, which really is not that far from my place.
That is the interesting thing about Victoria, you can be out in the seclusion of nature in a matter of minutes and yet the city is so close.
Anyway, made some images of a scene that reminded me of the famous "postcard" type shot of Maligne Lake in the Rocky Mountains, i.e., a little island of trees surrounded by water and mist.
Then I found a decaying and dilapidated old row (?) boat called El Toro.

Drove along ... parked at the Francis King Park parking lot and walked a ways to capture a nice vista with the wet shimmering winding road off in the distance (I was on a high point looking down into a meadow/field).  What attracted my attention most was the berries on low bushes with water drops hanging down.
[Printing Data:  Overall 7 seconds, burn sky 120 seconds]
Thankfully I had a large plastic bag which I used to shelter the cameras and myself somewhat ... it worked not too bad.
I next did a little hiking up a trail in the park, but the constant rain drove me back into the car and home in time for lunch.  Now I look forward to processing the film.
Camera:  Zero Image 4x5 @ FL 100mm - Tri-X 320 ISO
               Zero Image 69 @ 645 - Acros 100 - 120 format
Metre:  Sekonic L608
Tripod: Gitzo
Large plastic bag and cable release


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