Bicycle Racing Downtown Victoria

2010 May 30th I was planning to see what I could find photographically at a favourite spot of mine.  Whilst on the way I remembered that the Camera Swap was on that day and proceeded to re-route for downtown.
When I got there I noticed sections blocked off and people crowding around the area.  I realised it was a cycling race and found a wonderful parking spot near the event.
As I wasn't planning to photograph this event I only had Efke infrared film with me and exposed it as regular black & white.
I wanted to portray a sense of motion so used a slow shutter speed and did a little panning with my Mamiya mounted on my Manfrotto.  I wanted something away from the typical stop-action shot.
I printed up some images on fibre yesterday, and scanned negs today - here are a few from the scans.
Then walked over to the camera swap where I meet and chatted with some people and purchased a 1957 Kodak Master PhotoGuide and two cable releases.  Toyo today
Not a bad morning.


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