Large Format Infrared

Took out the Toyo 45 AII today at Finnerty Gardens on the campus of my university here in Victoria.
Very hot, clear skies and I've got sun singes to prove it!
Anyway, it made exposures very easy since the lighting was so consistent.
So I started out at Finnerty and realised that I had forgotten the filter mount on the Mamiya.  I exposed some tri-x with just the yellow #2 and was thinking of packing up and heading back home early.  However, the thought came to me to compromise, hold the filter in front of the lens (with the Y2 removed of course) and make the exposures.
I had 6 sheets (3 holders) loaded with Efke IR 820 4x5 film and wanted to make the best of them.
After making a few shots in the garden I proceeded to Petch Fountain in front of the library where the water was running again for the season.  Got a couple of shots here with the trees in front and the water in the mid to foreground area.

Finally I composed a couple of shots between the new Geography building & Business building (I forget the name) looking straight into the new administration building with greenery on either side.
Many people were crossing at the time I wanted to photograph.  It looked like some kind of special sports event, and then some lady parks her car illegally right in line of my shot.  Thankfully she wasn't there too long.
Anyway two shots one at 5 seconds the other at 10 and I had my six exposures and was homeward bound with time to spare on the meter.
The reason why I only loaded six sheets is because this is a full load for my processing tank.
Now can't wait to get them processed.
It really is nice to be working with a large format camera again.
Now if I could just get a Schneider 75mm APO lens.


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