Day in the Life of Saanich - Saanich News

Saanich is a municipal district, which I believe is apart of Greater Victoria here on Vancouver Island.
This evening I was looking through the Saanich News and low-and-behold, near the back of the newspaper I noticed one of my photos has been published ... yeah, yeah ... I know it is no big deal, but it will make a nice addition to my portfolio.
A long time ago, a wise woman told me to keep stuff like this, throughout one's life, these type of things are important not only when applying for certain types of jobs, but as a record of one's own journey I suppose.
My current curriculum vita is nothing that special, but it does play a significant role in reminding me of where I've been and what things I have accomplished - who knows ... someone might be interested at some point, but if not, it is important for me to know.
Thus, here is the latest addition to my CV.


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