Large-Format Photo Outing

Finally got togther a few other members of the Victoria Large Format Photography Group.
Our outing today was near Duncan.
We met at a quaint little cafe at the Whippletree Junction on the way to Duncan - North on the #1 highway.
Had a coffee some discussion then off to photograph a near-by Anglican church that has been recently retired.  Got an angle that excluded the overhead wires and included some of the tombstones in the fore/mid-ground.  The mid-day lighting was harsh ... seemed like we didn't get the cloud cover when we needed it - oh well, we do the best we can with what we have eh?
Next, down the road to an old delapated saw mill.
The shots I made of the old standup radio in one of the shacks was f/64 @ 60s & 30s with ISO 320 film.  Processed in HC-110b for about 5.5 minutes.
Made other shots of the mill with an old Dodge truck from the paved road that runs in front of the mill.
This trip was somewhat taxing because of the carrying gear and setting up the compositions and it appeared quite hot and muggy ... I tell ya ... I was sweating like a stuffed pig-on-a-spit!!!
Anyway, enjoyed working with other large format photographers in the area.
Hope everything is going well Andy :)
Stay tuned for images ... they are in the wash right now,so I have to stop writing and go hang them to dry.
A few images.
NOte:  These were digitally photographed negatives in their protective sleeves - just to give an idea of the content of what I am talking about - these are not good quality copies.



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