Creativity & Education

Over the last few decades so much in the form of technology and more importantly in thinking, reflecting and speaking out on education, i.e., where we or future students fit into it and into society, has come to light.
I knew it ... I knew it ... the world covets math/physics smarts to the exclusion of anything else as far as status, prestige, and income earning potential are concerned. I've been sucked in to the lie big-time, that a better education means a better job, i.e., lifestyle/future. IT ISN'T TRUE ... IT IS A BIG MALICIOUS LIE!!!
Why?  Is it because even in this post-industrial age, (which is still petroleum dependent), hard science and mathematics still over shadow other areas of academic diversity and creativity?
But don't misunderstand - I respect and value mathematics, it isn't the field that is to be criticised so much as it is our attitudes and values system regarding academics.
The arts ... are okay ... as long as (a) they don't interfere or (b) they fit within the budget. Traditional Photography programme, music programme ....   Am I wrong?  Is this overly simplistic or does it resonate somewhat with Ken's lectures in the videos above?


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