Large Format Photography in Autumn

It really is a pleasure to enjoy God's creation working with large format photographic tools that can be shared with company that appreciates and understands the work-flow of large format.  The technique ... the patience ... the expression of art through the visual mind's eye that refreshes our spirit can scarcely be verbalised.  Autumn is a great time of year to work in colour, but the versatility in zones and/or tones possible with today's black & white films, also make it a valuable component in this type of imaging.  Here are a few images made from a contact sheet with my "small" large format Toyo 45 AII and a 150mm APO Schneider lens.  Please excuse the poor quality due to an inferior scanner.I process my film in HC-110b - it is a very energetic developer, but I like it and have used it for several years now.  Occasionally, I'll use something else, but seem to come back to HC-110.
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